The Code

Who We Are DNA

1) We are here to make Jesus famous

It’s about: Jesus is the center

2) We are faith filled & Big thinking

It’s about: Active Faith

3) We will lead the way with irrational Generosity

It’s about: Giving

4) We believe Lost people Matter to God and therefore they Matter to us

It’s about: Valuing People

5) We are Contributors, not Consumers

It’s about: Taking Action

6) We believe the church should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure

It’s about: Ongoing Growth

7) We believe Life change happens best in Community

It’s about: Unity

8) We are a Judgment Free Zone

It’s about: Love, Encouragement and Acceptance

9) We are a Diverse church Culturally, Economically & Generationally

It’s about: Everyone has a Place

10 We honor one another to glorify God

 It’s about: In this Together